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We are based in the village of Wark near Cornhill on Tweed in North Northumberland and operate in both North Northumberland and the Scottish Borders.

Sevices And Products

We operate a forestry management and contracting business for farm and estate scale woodlands and produce and sell premium firewood as a by-product of these operations.

In addition we manufacture a range of the finest agricultural and equine fencing materials from larch treated with bitumen and also act as agents for the TUFFDIP bitumen treatment.

We also produce the innovative SCOTS' LANTERN all in one camp fire and stove.

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Low Impact Forestry - Premium Firewood Sales

Tel 07776 231455

for both firewood sales

and forestry contracting

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A self contained fire/stove for exterior use made from a single Scots Pine log cut in such a way as to allow a long (2 to 3 hour) burn time. The Scots' Lantern comes with a natural sisal rope handle, making the product easily portable, and comes complete with an organic firelighter pre installed.


The product may be used as a Camp Fire, Cooking Stove or Decorative Feature.


It has a year round appeal - Bonfire Night, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, spring and summer barbecues, picnics, beach and garden parties and special occasions all year long when the Lanterns are particularly suited to use in quantity, for instance creating a Lantern Lit Avenue for a wedding reception or party.



Place the log upright on flat, solid ground, or dig the base of the log a couple of inches into the soil for added safety. Ensure that the area surrounding the log is clear, as it may drop a few coals after an hour or more of burning. Remove the label and light the firelighter below. The log will burn from the inside out. In general a log lantern will burn for two to three hours.

Once the initial flames have died down the lantern is ideal for using as a pan stand for cooking or boiling water. As the fire progresses the lantern may be used for toasting marshmallows or even cooking skewered kebabs. The log can be allowed to burn itself out or can be doused with water.

Keep well back from tents and other flammable objects. Always supervise children in the vicinity of the lantern. Be aware that the lantern may give off sparks especially in windy conditions. NEVER use spirit or petrol as an aid to lighting or relighting this product.


Lantern made in the Scottish Borders from locally grown Scots Pine.


Available to purchase from our log sales point at Wark (see contact page for details) for £9.00. Contact us for a price for bulk orders.

Also available from a number of quality retailers in the Scottish Borders and Northumberland.


Scots' Lantern
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