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Wise words indeed, especially in the case of farm scale woodlands.


We specialise in the management of small farm and estate woodlands, especially hardwood and mixed species sites.


We have particular expertise and experience of the management of woods for sporting purposes and the regeneration and renovation of unmanaged and undermanaged woodlands.


We pride ourselves in undertaking a first class job, individually tailored to the needs of each client and site.


In order to achieve the best outcome in all cases we will personally assess each compartment following a careful discussion with the client regarding aims and ambitions.We also consider the farm or estate as a whole when giving advice, we are well placed to look at the bigger picture with over 25 years of wide ranging land management experience.








We can perform the following services;


Advise on, and apply for, felling licences and planting grants.


Advise on actions required to achieve various management and personal objectives for the client.








Undertake    Planting


                      Corrective Pruning


                      Marking of Thinning

                      Hand Thinning

                      Selective Felling

                      Minimal impact timber    

                      extraction by ATV

                      Cutting and Splitting

                      of Firewood


Advise on timber marketing.


Arrange protective fencing works and rabbit, hare and deer control.


We are able to work either on an hourly rate or cost jobs individually. We are usually willing to take timber as part payment for work undertaken so reducing outlay for the client.


Contact us to discuss your requirements or to arrange a free initial site meeting.


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We operate a forestry management and contracting business for farm and estate scale woodlands and produce and sell premium firewood as a by-product of these operations.

In addition we manufacture a range of the finest agricultural and equine fencing materials from larch treated with bitumen and also act as agents for the TUFFDIP bitumen treatment.

We also produce the innovative SCOTS' LANTERN all in one camp fire and stove.

Sevices And Products

We are based in the village of Wark near Cornhill on Tweed in North Northumberland and operate in both North Northumberland and the Scottish Borders.


Low Impact Forestry - Premium Firewood Sales

Tel 07776 231455

for both firewood sales

and forestry contracting

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