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We are based in the village of Wark near Cornhill on Tweed in North Northumberland and operate in both North Northumberland and the Scottish Borders.

Sevices And Products

We operate a forestry management and contracting business for farm and estate scale woodlands and produce and sell premium firewood as a by-product of these operations.

In addition we manufacture a range of the finest agricultural and equine fencing materials from larch treated with bitumen and also act as agents for the TUFFDIP bitumen treatment.

We also produce the innovative SCOTS' LANTERN all in one camp fire and stove.

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Low Impact Forestry - Premium Firewood Sales

Tel 07776 231455

for both firewood sales

and forestry contracting


Most of our firewood is produced as a by-product of our forestry operations.


We dry the wood 'rideside' in wood for a number of months before logging and storing in our dedicated drying shed for up to 2 years.


As a result of this careful handling we produce wood that is usually in the 14% to 16% moisture content range and  always under the 20% moisture content that is  recommended as the maximum by most stove manufacturers. Air dried logs can be cut to a customers own length requirements, 10" is standard however 8" and 12" and14" can also be produced.


The result is clean and hot burning wood causing less 'tarring' of chimneys and stoves and giving significantly more heat energy.


Our firewood gives out over twice the heat energy of unseasoned logs making them tremendous value.





We deliver Bulk Tipper loads and 'BARROW BAGS' to the TD5, TD12 and NE71 postcode areas.

The bags allow storage inside while containing any mess, or outside protecting the firewood from the elements. Log stacking is avoided and the bags can be delivered through standard doorways and gates. They contain around 6x the volume of an extra large Net. £42 delivered (+£4 deposit on bag).


Tipper loads are in either full (c. 2M3) £290 or half (c.1M3) £180 delivered. Loads can be stacked by prior arrangement at £20 per hour.


From our home in Main St, Wark, Cornhill on Tweed we sell the following products:


EXTRA LARGE NET £8. Rather over half as big again as the standard nets sold on garage forecourts and much better value.

KINDLING £5. Standard Net of softwood kindling for easy fire lighting.


NEW  We also now stock extra small logs (max 6") suitable for Morso Squirrel, Salamander Hobbit and other very small stoves. Barrow Bag £49 delivered (+£4 deposit on bag)


Call us today to order what we believe to be the best firewood available.


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