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We are based in the village of Wark near Cornhill on Tweed in North Northumberland and operate in both North Northumberland and the Scottish Borders.

Sevices And Products

We operate a forestry management and contracting business for farm and estate scale woodlands and produce and sell premium firewood as a by-product of these operations.

In addition we manufacture a range of the finest agricultural and equine fencing materials from larch treated with bitumen and also act as agents for the TUFFDIP bitumen treatment.

We also produce the innovative SCOTS' LANTERN all in one camp fire and stove.

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Low Impact Forestry - Premium Firewood Sales

Tel 07776 231455

for both firewood sales

and forestry contracting

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Disappointed with the standard and useful life of chemically treated fencing timber we were buying in, and hearing so many anecdotes of the way old fencing used to last and last we researched the Victorian standard for Agricultural fencing and discovered that the very best was produced using 'Larch... smeared with coal tar.'


By chance we came across  TUFFDIP,  this is a bituminous solution which completely seals out moisture, it is the 21st century upgrade to coal tar. We have married this outstanding product to the best locally grown and locally milled Larch to produce the NEW VICTORIAN range of agricultural, equine and residential fencing which is long lasting, attractive and cost effective adding only around 10-15% to the erected price of an average stock fence when compared to standard chemical treated fencing.


The standard fencing range consists of 1.65M, 75mmx75mm (5'6”, 3”x3”) square sawn stobs/posts, 75mm or 87mm x 37mm, 3.6M (3” or 3.5” x 1.5”, 12 foot) rails and 2.4M (8') strainers however we are able to cut to your exact requirements with a little lead in time.




In addition we are Agents for Tuffdip for the Scottish Borders and Northumberland and if you prefer to treat your own posts we can supply Tuffdip at Trade prices allowing you to dramatically increase the life of your fencing from only 22p per post!

Contact us for prices and to order.

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