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Low Impact Forestry - Premium Firewood Sales


We are based in the village of Wark near Cornhill on Tweed in North Northumberland and operate in both North Northumberland and the Scottish Borders.

Sevices And Products

We operate a forestry management and contracting business for farm and estate scale woodlands and produce and sell premium firewood as a by-product of these operations.

In addition we manufacture a range of the finest agricultural and equine fencing materials from larch treated with bitumen and also act as agents for the TUFFDIP bitumen treatment.

We also produce the innovative SCOTS' LANTERN all in one camp fire and stove.

Tel 07776 231455

for both firewood sales

and forestry contracting


EstateForestryServices has been set up by James Petty, who has over 25 years experience in woodland and wider estate management, with the aim of providing a practical woodland management service for owners of smaller woodlands in North Northumberland and the Scottish Borders.


We have invested in small scale forestry equipment designed to minimise the environmental and visual impact of woodland operations.This equipment is much better suited to farm scale woods than that employed by most contractors who undertake most of their work in commercial softwood plantations. The size of much modern machinery leads to problems with damage to both ground and trees and leads to the greatly increased risk of windblow damage owing to the size of access racks that need to be made and to the unselective nature of the thinning that results.

Our equipment also makes the practice of continuous cover, multi aged, forestry a practical proposition. We believe that in many cases this type of management is preferable to the clear fell and replant regime advocated by most forest managers as it gives permanance to woods as assets for sporting and shelter and as landscape features.


We take great pride in doing a job properly, whether a forest operation or the production of firewood. We strive to be practical, innovative,client focussed and to always produce a product or outcome of the highest possible quality.


We look forward to hearing from you and to being of service.


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